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We love to question status quo and to try better ways forward. Most limitations are only ghosts in our minds. If we dare to keep a truly open mind, we can see new opportunities and find ways to create meaningful value. Value that's there for us to capture.

If we have the courage.

Our set-up, concepts and services are therefore continuously evolving. We aim to serve client needs genuinely and to ensure perceived value exceeds the cost of our service despite the obvious price associated with quality.

Continuous Services

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Interim management


We work closely with you to build and realize business value

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CFO services

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Our approach is pragmatic and focused on results


Case: CFO as a Service

Happi Partners provides CFO services on a continues base for a fast-growing petfood producer.

The service which started in January 2019 is based on monthly financial reporting to the managing director and board of directors. The CFO is a virtual member of the management team and participates in management team meetings as needed and reports in regular board meetings.


The CFO has supported development of management practices, business planning, budgeting, profitability analyses, financing and investment decisions.

Main benefits:


  • Foresight; the CEO and BoD have avoided financial surprises during fast growth and investments and been able to manage and optimize financing (equity&debt) in a timely manner.

  • Cost and value; the service costs less than a full time employed person does, while providing extensive experience and flexibility for evolving needs.

We provide qualified, experienced people to help solve your business critical needs. Depending on the specific nature of the need an individual may be sufficient while at times a small team may provide the best response.

As we recognize that our core team can never have all the answers, capacity and capabilities for our clients possible needs, we surround ourselves with a network of capable individuals to turn to and team up with when needed.





More than 50 partners with a broad profile base covering our services and more

Roles: CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, VP’s, Board members, Specialists

Type of Co’s: startups, SME’s and corporations

Special situations: turnaround, transformation, internationalization, M&A, outsourcing and more

Functions/expertise: business, finance, corporate law, technology, commercial operations, sales and marketing, taxation, analytics, demand planning, ERP, automation, strategic planning and execution, corporate governance, ESG

Complementing Happi Partners offering and providing hands-on capability for our clients needs

We are continuously looking for capable individuals to further strengthen the network. If you are an independent consultant or interim manager you are warmly welcome to join us.

Dedicated to sustainable value creation


Toffe has a versatile background covering professional services, financial and business leadership as well as entrepreneurship.


He has performed hands-on, leading people and businesses in growth, performance improvement, turnaround and other change leadership situations including M&A.


Christoffer Wasastjerna

Founding partner

+358 400 684 860


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Christer has made a career with professional services companies and specialized in M&A advisory services.


He has supported clients in a wide range of M&A and turnaround cases, for both non-listed and listed companies in Finland and abroad. 


Christer Åstrand

Founding partner

+358 50 571 7069


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